Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gingher Scissors G-DS48 5" Sewing Scissors Roberta

Posted by Drew Z.:

As we mentioned in one of yesterday’s posts; in the up and coming days we are going to start to post some of the blog posts when we introduced the new Gingher Designer Series which are called “Roberta” that were in the old blog address that did not make it to this new address. You will see mentioned 4 new releases and a value pack. The 4” Roberta’s have sold out and are no longer available and with the 4” Roberta’s sold out the value pack is also not available. Here is the second blog post, the first one which we will not re-post, was about the 4” Roberta. This blog post is from October 4, 2008.

In an earlier post we let you know that Gingher has released their new Designer Series scissors. These new Designer Series scissors are called “Roberta” and they are now available at We have all 4 scissors in stock right now and they are listed in the new item category. We will feature all 4 scissors including a value pack of three of the scissors.

Today’s feature is the Gingher Scissors G-DS48 5″ Sewing Scissors Roberta and they reside in the Gingher Scissors And Gift Set category. These Designer’s Series scissors have been decorated with the print Roberta. The ornamentation process used in producing these scissors gives every pair a unique design, making each an original. The Roberta scissors have been produced as a limited edition.

The Roberta Designer’s Series items are packaged in an attractive gift box with a protective sheath.

Knife edge sewing scissors can be used for cutting threads and multiple layers of fabric in sewing, crafts and quilting.

These scissors are new and factory sealed.

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