Friday, March 27, 2009

Gingher Scissors G-S Knife Edge Sharpening Stone

Posted by Drew Z.:

Gingher Scissors are great. Anybody that has used them knows what a difference they do make. If you are a heavy duty crafter or cutter sometimes your scissors need to be sharpened. Gingher has thought of that as has a great item for you and abullrun has that great item in its store.

Today’s feature is the Gingher Scissors G-S Knife Edge Sharpening Stone and it resides in the Gingher Scissors And Gift Set category. Keeping the knife edge sharp is vital to its effective performance and long life.

Although the Knife Edge Sharpening Stone is great, some scissors and shears are not ground with a knife edge and those items cannot be sharpened with the sharpening stone. Examples of scissors and shears which do not have a knife edge are embroidery scissors and pinking shears.

If the knife edge becomes damaged, as it might if you have accidentally dropped your scissors or shears or cut over something hard like metal or plastic, the sharpening stone cannot repair the damage.

The knife edge is a sharply beveled edge which looks quite different from the normal edge on the opposite blade. The blade bearing the Gingher trademark is the normal edge blade and it should never be honed with the sharpening stone. Only the knife edge should be honed.

This Knife Edge Sharpning Stone is new and factory sealed.

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