Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gingher 4 inch Large Handle Weaver's Scissors G-4W

Posted by Drew Z.:

In our last two posts we featured items that featured the spring theme. With the season changing to spring, the flowers starting to bloom, there was to much excitement not to concentrate on spring. However the plot changes at abullrun’s headquarters in Colorado Springs. The National Weather Service has issued a snow warning for us and again we are expecting snow. Since that kind of ruins our spring theme, we decided to head to Gingher Scissors and feature a great item that has nothing to do with the weather.

The last couple of times that we visited Gingher, we were talking about other great items that Gingher has that are not scissors. In today’s blog post we are going back to their famed scissors and feature the Gingher 4 inch Large Handle Weaver's Scissors G-4W and it resides in the Gingher Scissors And Gift Set category. 4 inch large handle Weaver’s scissors, double-plated chrome over nickel, packaged in hangbag with fitted leather sheath.

This item offers the same sharp points and slightly heavier frame as the classic embroidery scissors making it a good choice for both thread cutting and snipping lighter fabrics. The enlarged handles provide a comfortable fit for larger fingers.

These scissors are new and factory sealed.

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