Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gingher 4 inch Classic Embroidery Scissors G-4

Posted by Drew Z.:

We are going to make it a non new item weekend at the abullrun blog. Yesterday we featured the Kreinik Metallic Thread Enchantment (Bridal) Color Effects Collection. These threads are great but they are not new to abullrun. That was something we had not done for some time on this blog as the past week we kept featuring new items from Bucilla, Design Works, Dimensions, and Janlynn. Today we will feature another great item just not a new item to

The last time we visited Gingher Scissors we featured the Gingher Scissors G-10L 10" True Left Hand Upholstery. We wanted to feature a unique pair of scissors. Today we want to feature the most basic and probably the most diversified scissors that Gingher has. The feature item for Today is the Gingher 4 inch Classic Embroidery Scissors G-4 and it resides in the Gingher Scissors And Gift Set category.

4 inch classic embroidery scissors, double-plated chrome over nickel, packaged in hangbag with fitted leather sheath.

One of Gingher most popular items, the 4 inch classic embroidery scissors are chosen by sewing and needlework enthusiasts for their versatility. Their sharp points are useful for snipping threads and their slightly thicker frame lends the strength necessary for cutting yarns and lighter fabrics.

These scissors are new and factory sealed.

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