Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kreinik Metallic Thread Energy Gold Color Effects

Posted by Drew Z.:

We have had a lot of out of stock now back in stock blog posts lately. We do think it is important to let everyone know when an item you have been looking for is available for sale. There is an update on a couple of items in the out of stock now back in stock blog posts. These items are now back in the out of stock category, Cross Stitch Kit Our Lady of Guadalupe From Janlynn and Cross Stitch Kit Jasper The Cat From Design Works. We will re-order these kits and get them back in stock as soon as possible. We thank you for your support and patience in this matter.

The zig zag tour has also has stopped for a while so we could update you on the out of stock now back in stock items. Last we saw the tour it had stopped at Janlynn and we featured the Cross Stitch Kit Our Lady of Guadalupe. The zig zag tour is starting to wind down. There is only one item left of the new products from Janlynn and just a couple of more with the 2009 Dimensions Holiday Collection. The good news is that we still have a lot of Design Works designs to feature including a brand new one that we should have listed in this weekend. Some more good news is that the 2009 Dimensions Fall Collection is here. We will be listing them through the weekend in the New Item Category at We probably will feature our first kit from this new collection on Monday.

Before another out of stock back in stock blog post appears, and a new one will appear tomorrow or we start back on featuring new releases, we wanted to stop over at Kreinik and feature a great item for summer. Now that summer is upon us and we can feel the heat this Kreinik project captures this spirit perfectly.

It is time to head on over to Kreinik now, and feature the Kreinik Metallic Thread Energy Gold Color Effects. The Energy Collection consists of a range of gold shades. Just as the sun fills us with energy, so too will these sparkling, invigorating tones. Use this uplifting color scheme in religious projects, costumes, clothing, and wall hangings.

The Energy Color Effects Collection includes the following threads: Facets (Black), Japan Thread #1 (002J), Medium (#16) Braid (202HL, 221), 1/8" Ribbon (002), 1/16" Ribbon (212), Very Fine (#4) Braid (102), Blending Filament (002HL) & Gold 1mm Torsade.

This Energy (Gold) Color Effects Collection is new and factory sealed.

Check out the Kreinik Metallic Thread Energy Gold Color Effects.

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