Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kreinik Metallic Thread Freedom Color Effects

Posted by Drew Z.:

We sometimes get so caught up in our zig zag tour of featuring the new items that abullrun.com has received in, that sometimes, well actually it seems like all the time we forget some great Kreinik items. Remember how we are always talking about how fast the holidays can get here and that some of these projects take some time to finish; well Kreinik has this cool project made just in time for the 4th of July.

Tomorrow we will break away from the tour again and feature one of our items on video. Hope you had fun with last week’s video and you did not get to hungry with the Cross Stitch Kit Vegetable Wreath From Janlynn. More fun is coming on tomorrow’s featured video and instead of hunger think cats.

It is time to head on over to Kreinik now, and feature the Kreinik Metallic Thread Freedom Color Effects. The Freedom Color Effects Collection consists of red, white and blue colors to bring out the patriotism in your projects.

The Freedom Color Effects Collection includes the following threads: Facets (Sapphire Blue), Petite Facets (Red), Very Fine (#4) Braid (018V), Fine (#8) Braid (051HL), Medium (#16) Braid (033), Cord (003C), Ombre (1000), 1/16" Ribbon (100HL, 332) and 1/8" Ribbon (061).

This Freedom Color Effects Collection is new and factory sealed.

Check out the Kreinik Metallic Thread Freedom Color Effects.

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