Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Posted by Drew Z.:

Social media has found abullrun and abullrun has found social media. We started off back in November 2008 with digital videos of the great cross stitch and needlepoint kits from Janlynn, Dimensions, Design Works, and Bucilla. The first video was of the Cross Stitch Kit Nativity Scene Tree Skirt Dimensions Gold Collection and you can watch it HERE. You can watch all the videos from the blog by clicking videos in the label section on the right of this blog or by clicking HERE or you can visit abullrun's YouTube channel at We have also added on the top right hand side of this blog the 4 latest videos from our collection. This is really cool all you have to do is click one of the 4 pictures and a screen pops up and plays the video.

Today we want to talk about another form of social media and that is twitter. abullrun now twitters and you can follow us at or you can follow some of the conversation on the right side of this blog. The main purpose of bringing twitter to abullrun was you. We wanted to bring more information to you without interrupting your shopping needs. Not only do we talk about abullrun on twitter we also talk about crafts, how to stuff, do it yourself projects (not just in the craft world), other hobbies, news, technology, social media, sports inspirational quotes and stories, interesting events and people, and of anything of interest. Some of the stories will interest you and some won't and you get to choose. The other main purpose was it open another way for you to talk to abullrun. You can talk to us about anything on your mind including purchases, questions on merchandise, question on shipping, store policies, anything abullrun or anything else including the latest scores, beagles or you just want to say hi you can now just drop us a tweet.

Twitter is a different type of animal. They only allow 140 characters to write a tweet (post). This makes you talk in a lot of code to get your message out. We wanted to go over some of the ones that we use a lot so you know what we are talking about and that you might want to try if you are on twitter or plan to join twitter in the future. We mostly use the @ symbol that represents who you are talking to. So if you were to send us a tweet you would type @abullrun then what you wanted to say. Another symbol you will see from us is RT. That represents a re-tweet. A re-tweet is just like forwarding what someone else has tweeted. A typical re-tweet looks like this "RT @lsfixer: Guest Blog: Organizing Your Crafts | FaveCraftsBlog". The RT tells you that it is a re-tweet, the @tells you are re-tweeting from in this case we are re-tweeting something lsfixer tweeted, "Guest Blog: Organizing Your Crafts | FaveCraftsBlog" tells us what the tweet is about, and is the link that takes you to that story.

We hope you enjoy following us on twitter or our twitter tweets on the right side of this blog. Happy Stitching!

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