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A Very Special Interview With Doug Kreinik, owner of Kreinik Mfg. Co., Inc.

Posted by Drew Z.:

We have a special treat for you today, instead of featuring an individual item we are going to feature one of the great companies that provide great threads for all craft projects. We are talking about Kreinik Mfg. Co. You have seen their great work throughout abullrun’s store and probably any craft project that needed thread.

Recently we were able to talk to Doug Kreinik, owner of Kreinik Mfg. Co., Inc. Doug joined the family business in 1983. Kreinik Mfg Co Inc was established by his parents, Estelle and Jerry Kreinik, in 1971 in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Doug’s background is in retailing, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and computers. He has appeared on PBS and has written for various trade publications. He lectures extensively around North America on his products in textile arts.

He has served on many community boards. From Rotary to the Smoot, Girl Scout and as the race walk director for the local Half Marathon. Doug has functioned as President and board member of The National Needlearts Association (TNNA), an International trade association with more than 1500 members. In 2007, Doug was awarded the TEN Award in-The Excellence in Needlearts, by TNNA for his years of dedication within the industry. He was recently appointed to the advisory board of the WVU School of Fashion and Merchandising. He enjoys trying new foods, working as a liaison with American Field Service (AFS), traveling, textile art, his kids, learning, music and taking long distance bike trips with friends.

His job in life is to travel the world giving “thread stashers” innovative ideas by adding color, light and fun to their incredible creations and heirlooms. His philosophy is “Threads Visualize Thoughts”.

Here is our interview:

abullrun: Could you give us a brief history of Kreinik?

DK: Kreinik is a family business begun by my Mom and Dad, Estelle and Jerry Kreinik in 1971, when my Dad had lost his job in the Chemical/ plastics industry. They used there background in textiles, education, materials, design, chemistry and art to create Kreinik Manufacturing. They filled a niche bringing new ideas to the market place that had not been tried before. With their knowledge of materials they were able to create a mix of products that filled new needs that were developing in the last portion of the 20th century. We continue to add new product ideas all of the time satisfying the ever changing desires of the “Threadaholic.”

abullrun: Please tell us how many different threads and colors that Kreinik produces?

DK: Kreinik has silk, metallic and real metal threads. There are more than 210 colors of metallics within our 16 types of metallics. They are used in needlepoint, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, tatting, scrap booking, embellishing, sewing, quilting, surface embroidery, card making, jewelry and even fly fishing.
We have four types of silk , Mori (spun silk) and Serica (filament silk ) in the same 172 colors, Bella is a spun silk that is tightly twisted used in fine cross stitch and needlepoint, hardanger and pulled work and our Milkpaint collection for creating antique heirloom. The colors of the Mori, Serica and Bella are dyed to match to take advantage of the light play that can occur between filament and spun silk. When used side by side they give a 3-D effect.
Our metal threads are all ecclesiastical grade meaning that the gold and silver content are higher so that oxidation takes longer.

abullrun: If you need just one spool of a specific color thread, how can somebody find and purchase that thread?

DK: We service thousands of shops and internet sites around the world. One easy way is to find a supplier is on our shop locator at Most shops and sites will special order available product.

abullrun: Does Kreinik have other items besides threads?

DK: Kreinik sees the craft market as a mixed medium experience. We sell needles, scissors, Treasure Tape ( a double-sided craft tape for embellishing), the Kreinik corder for making trims and other “stuff”, tassel makers, and acid free tissue paper for protecting needlework during the stages of creation and after finishing for storing to prevent damage to the heirloom, to mention a few. Along with this we even supply our threads to fly-tyers because they know that Kreinik threads attract fish, i.e. our glow in the dark grapefruit braid is a firefly in the making.

abullrun: We know that you think about the future of crafts a lot, what new ideas or products would you like to see developed?

DK: There are many new people coming into the craft industry. Young people are creating items for there environment by customizing existing designs, using innovation to create new ideas and refurbishing by using old and creating new. Do-It-Yourself crafting projects give a great sense of accomplishment developing personality and personalizing ones surroundings. In the long run, this will be the way handcrafting will continued to be enjoyed by another generation. A mix of, again mixed medium of materials, computers and an idea that there are no rules is important for manufacturers and retailers to understand for this new demographic coming into the mainstream of the craft industry. It is very exciting for all involved.

abullrun: Where can you purchase Kreinik merchandise?

DK: Kreinik products can be purchased on line, in stores, through many locations around the world. People desire to be creative and different.

abullrun: How can one contact and or follow Kreinik?

DK: There are many avenues to follow Kreinik. is our major site for education, product information, store locations and freebie designs
Twitter: Kreinikgirl – blog us
Flickr: Kreinikgirl –a lot of designers and crafters share their work at this site
Facebook: site with our newest videos, crafters input and designs, shared friends, Project Runway blog and others
YouTube: KreinikChannel- all of our videos for How-To information
Our mailing address is Kreinik PO Box 1966 Parkersburg, WV 26102 and we have a consumer hot-line at 1-800-537-2166 or email us your questions at

Thanks for letting me share. Remember our motto is Threads Visualize Thoughts!

We really want to thank Doug for taking the time for this interview and giving us some great insight into Kreinik Mfg. Co..

A little reminder you can also find a lot of Kreinik items at abullrun’s store by searching for Kreinik in the search box or by clicking Kreinik Threads & Cross Stitch category on the left hand side of the abullrun’s home page.

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