Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Very Special Interview With Karen Marie aka skeetermig

Posted by Drew Z.:

We have a special treat for you today, instead of featuring an individual item we are going to feature one of our great customers. Recently we were able to talk to Karen Marie aka skeetermig. We met Karen through her purchases of Kreinik thread from abullrun. She told us a little about herself and her projects and we would like to share them with you.

Here is our interview:

abullrun: Tell us a little about yourself?

Karen: My name is Karen Marie aka skeetermig. I have been cross-stitching for 29 years now, this coming April will be 30 years. I started this when my children were babies and I needed time to relax. I am self taught and totally enjoy my work. I have at least 4 different cross-stitch subscriptions and have over 300 books/pamphlets.

In the past two weeks I have made one major project and 14 medium stockings and a new pattern I have made is mittens. I make coasters, Halloween bags, book markers, and misc. other things. I am in the process of trying to get things together to sell next fall.

abullrun: Please tell us about the project at the top left of this page?

Karen: Cross-Stitching is my passion. The first design "I Love to Tell the Story" is a beautiful Gospel Song. I love music and when I seen this design I just loved it. This is the 5th time I have made this design. It is made on White 16 ct. Aida material. I changed the color of the lettering to make it stand out more. This design is placed on a board and ready to sell. I sell both framed and unframed.

abullrun: Could you tell us more about the project next to "I Love to Tell the Story"?

Karen: Midnight Santa is stitched on black 16 ct. Aida material. Metallic floss was used to highlight the snow under the donkey. The bag of toys shows the love Santa has for children and a heart for all mankind. His blue coat is a beautiful design. I rarely keep my designs I make, they usually sell when I finish them. I have kept only 4 designs.

abullrun: What are the four designs that you have kept?

Karen: The four designs I kept are: Isaiah 40:31; Wedding Sampler for my husband and I; Midnight Santa & My friend (made for my husband before we were married).

abullrun: What do you have going on right now?

Karen: I have joined the DMC mentor program to teach other people the art of cross-stitching. The only floss I use is DMC and now the only metallic floss I use is Kreinik. Metallic colors are hard to use, but if you don't make them to long it makes the photo look absolutely gorgeous. I am in the process of making something for my son, Jeff who is 26. And have made some beautiful pictures for my first grand-daughter (born in July 09) to my beautiful daughter Jo-onna Marie who lives in Kentucky and is 28.

abullrun: Why did you join the DMC mentor program?

Karen: I love to teach others how to do this as the counted Cross-Stitching is a dying art and it takes time and practice. It helps me to relax and keep in prayer as I am doing it. I don't worry as much as I have to concentrate on what I am doing.

abullrun: Why do you use only DMC floss and Kreinik metallic floss?

Karen: The reason I only use DMC floss is I have tried others and when I had to pull the thread from a mistake it left the color on the material. When DMC did not stain the material I decided to stay with that. The reason I use Kreinik is the metallic thread is a little stronger and does not break as easily.

abullrun: How can one see your work and contact you?

Karen: The way to look at what I have finished so far (and it is in the process of being built, so be patient as i take photos of what is done and add to site) is to go to The contact info is Each stocking is (so far) made once and is unfinished as whoever purchases it can have a "First Name Only" put at bottom of stocking. Name needs to be printed clearly. You can contact me and I will respond within a day (as I get on usually at least once a day) and I will let you know price with shipping and handling.

abullrun: Any final words?

Karen: Thanks for your time. Hope you all have a Blessed holiday season.

We really want to thank Karen for taking the time for this interview and giving us some great insight.

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