Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gingher Scissors G-4SA Spring-Action Embroidery Scissors

Posted by Drew Z.:

We always like to comment on our videos. Yesterday's video of the European Bistro cross stitch kit has some of the best detail you will see in a cross stitch design, and as great as the detail was, what a magnificent scenery it has. Okay enough on yesterday's blog post; let us talk about today's post. We have some Gingher scissors for you today. As all of you know your scissors can be your best friend or your worse enemy when it comes to working on your project. Gingher has just introduced you to your new best friend.

Let's make your project easier with today's feature and today's feature is the Gingher Scissors G-4SA Spring-Action Embroidery Scissors which you can find at and it resides in the Gingher Scissors - Accessories Gingher Scissors And Gift Sets category. Easy open spring-action, reduces fatigue. That is last thing you want when you are working on a project, is for your scissors to fight with you. These embroidery scissors have a gentle spring-action that opens after each cut so projects are almost effortless. Lets face it we don't want to worry about scissors during a project.

With a slightly stronger frame and slender blades are ideal for cutting a single layer of fabric, multiple strands of thread and lighter needlework yarn. A safety latch provides protection and keeps scissors closed when not in use.

These scissors are new and factory sealed.

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