Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gingher 5 inch Knife Edge Craft Scissors G-5C and Items Back In Stock

Posted by Drew Z.:
It's time to get another quick update on the out of stock items that are now back in stock. We have seven items that were out stock, that are now back in stock. Don’t forget to check out the items back in stock label for you to track when the new stock arrives and as always we will feature one of the out of stock, now in stock item.
Today’s feature is the Gingher 5 inch Knife Edge Craft Scissors G-5C and it resides in the Gingher Scissors - Accessories > Gingher Scissors And Gift Sets category. These 5 inch knife edge craft scissors are double plated chrome over nickel.
These knife edge craft scissors will easily slice through leather or many layers of all types of fabric. The combination of stronger, thicker blades and the Gingher knife edge gives these scissors an exceptional cutting capability. This quality craftsmanship assures sharp cutting all the way to the points. This item is especially popular in quilting and crafts but also very useful for general sewing tasks.
These scissors are new and factory sealed.
Here is the list of the out of stock items now back in stock:

  • Gingher GSR Seam Ripper with Retractable Blade
  • Kreinik Metallic Thread Blending Filament Black, Brown and White
  • Gingher 5 inch Knife Edge Craft Scissors G-5C
  • Gingher G-BH 4 1/2" Buttonhole Scissors
  • Gingher Scissors G-8SA Spring-Action Dressmakers Shears
  • Gingher Scissors 7 Inch G-7 Dressmaker's Shears
  • Gingher Scissors G-6DC 6" Double-Curved Machine Embroidery
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