Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Carol Burnett Show and abullrun

Posted by Drew Z.:

Today we wanted to share a moment that abullrun had the other day about watching an old tv show that brought back some great memories and a lot of laughs. The story goes like this, abullrun's dad brought himself over for some dinner and he brought over The Carol Burnett Show Stoppers Show on dvd for some entertainment after dinner. We had all watched The Carol Burnett Show and the out takes are now legendary and we all remember laughing very hard when Tim Conway would crack up Harvey Korman. If you don't remember the show or you were to young and have never heard of the show click here and you will be taken to the Carol Burnett show Wikipedia page. We were all excited to see it and the dvd did not disappoint.

The first part of the show has Carol, Tim, Harvey and Vicky showing and talking about some very funny clips. The clips are great and we are all laughing out loud. Some of us are getting close to rolling on the floor laughing. The key word in the last sentence is "close". Anyway it was a great family moment and the stories and the jokes that we told during the show (of course we had the show on pause) although probably very corny, and not as funny as Carol, Tim, Harvey, and Vicky, sure added to the fun.

We were just halfway through the show and we knew that we had just experienced one of those times that you will not forget. The second half of the show is not as funny as the first half. It included a little more singing and dancing and a tribute to the Bob Mackie, who was the costume designer for the show. Yes, they showed Carol wearing the drapes as a dress from their parody of Gone With the Wind. The singing and dancing was always part of the show but just not as funny as the comedy sketches were. So there was no rolling on the floor laughing but we were still telling corny jokes having a great time and just enjoying ourselves. A great time had by all.

The Carol Burnett Show Stoppers Show will make you laugh. The show was originally broadcast on CBS in 2001 and that is all you get on that dvd. There are no special features and without the commercials the show is about 40 minutes long. The skits are edited for just the big laugh and the cast does a lot of talking with the audience and among themselves. There are clips from this dvd on YouTube, you can buy the dvd we are sure at a lot of locations including Amazon, and we are sure you can rent this dvd out at several locations as well.

Here is the disclaimer, we are not getting paid for this post, we are not recommending or recommending this dvd, just sharing a family moment which brought a lot of laughs to us. We can all use a smile now and then. Have a great day.

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