Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello Everybody Happy Valentine's Day From abullrun

Posted by Drew Z.:

It is Valentine's Day 2010 and everybody at abullrun would like to wish everybody out there a very Happy Valentine's Day. This got us to thinking (we know that is a bad sign) what does Valentine's Day mean. Obviously it means different things to different people for different reasons. Wishing your parents a Happy Valentine's Day is different from wishing your children a Happy Valentine's Day. Of course it is different when you wish your spouse a Happy Valentine's Day compared to wishing a co-worker Happy Valentine's Day. However one thing is the same; it all comes from the heart. Again this got us to thinking (put in your bad joke here) what do we have at abullrun that comes from the heart. It came to us in a heart beat. We have a great cross stitch kit named "Heart Collage" (you gotta love that name) and a video that goes with it. Remember it is all about the heart.

Again Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. We hope you enjoy your day and we hope you enjoy the video below. The video is only 56 seconds long. Watch closely for that "I Love You Heart" in the video because it does comes from the heart.

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