Thursday, February 11, 2010

The State of abullrun Address

Posted by Drew Z.:
We wanted to give you a quick update on what is happening at abullrun. It has been an exciting 60 days. We have had so many new items it has been very hard for us to feature all of them on this blog. We have had new kits from Dimensions, two new shipments of JCA kits, two new shipments from Design Works, new scissors from Gingher, and new kits from Bucilla. If you check out the New Item category at you will see all these new items and some we have not announced yet. As you can tell it has been very fun at abullrun land. We are in the process of adding more new items in the very near future. If you take a look now you will see six new designs from Design Works that we have not had a chance to blog about. We also have the 4 inch Freedom and 8 inch Glory Scissors from Gingher now listed, and are sure to be featured on this blog any day now. We also just received 12 more needlecraft items from JCA including some needlepoint Christmas stockings. Those kits are getting listed as soon as we can list them, and you should see all of them listed in the upcoming days. So stay tuned.
Something you have seen a lot on this blog is posts about out of stock items now back in stock. With your great support, many of these new items and some other great designs have been purchased a lot lately. We thank you so much for your support. When that many items are purchased we can run out of stock. You can also see, we get a resupply very fast and we just want to let you know that these items are back in stock. This blog is a great place to keep updated on stock in the abullrun store. There will be a couple blog post very soon letting you know about back in stock items. One last thing about out of stock items is the cross stitch kit "Paris Market". This kit is very popular and has been out stock for a while. We checking with Dimensions and hopefully we can announce when that kit will be available and hopefully very soon. So stay tuned for that announcement.
Going forward we will have some more special videos for you. Hope you liked the top 5 selling needlepoint kits of 2009 and the top 5 selling cross stitch kits for 2009 videos. Those are some great designs. Also in the last 60 days we added a category to this blog called and other stuff. This category features interesting things we see that do not relate to needlecraft. Hopefully you have had a chance to see some of these post like Frankenstein, Thomas Edison, Mary Fuller, YouTube, and More and 3D Reconstruction, of Flight 1549 Hudson River Ditching. Both these post are excellent if we say so ourselves. In the future we will be adding more of this content to this blog. abullrun is also planning in releasing some new items that are not cross stitch, needlepoint, scissors, or threads. They are something different and we hope you will like it. One last thing on the setup of this blog. We had to take down the latest video's from abullrun on the right side of the blog. That was because for some reason YouTube was featuring other items than the abullrun videos. As soon as that glitch is fixed we will have that feature on the right hand side again. The one more last thing is that we have opened up the comments on the blog. Feel free to comment on any post. Although we are off to a bad start we will reply back to the comments.
Again we want to thank you for all of your support. Hope everybody has a great Valentine's Day.

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