Saturday, March 27, 2010 At Bat 2010 diary day 1 back to baseball

Posted by Drew Z.:

Hello everybody. We wanted to add a little something to the summer season to this blog. Something a little different and something hopefully entertaining, informative, and fun. We wanted to experiment with a new blog post diary that has to do with technology, the iPhone, and baseball.

A long time ago and in a galaxy far far away we were once big baseball fans. The baseball strike of 1994 put a sour taste in our mouths and information kept coming out about baseball that we did not like and we gave up the game that we loved. Growing up we played the game, collected baseball cards, and studied the game. The memories that we collected were priceless, the information that we gathered from baseball has been invaluable, and the fun and enjoyment we received will never be lost and always be precious to us. Then in 1994 it all stopped. You can count on one hand how many times we have watched a game. Last year we started paying attention a little bit more mostly to keep updated with abullrun's dad who was all excited about his Yankees, talking to our friend Cliff on twitter, and the great season the Colorado Rockies were having. Living in Colorado Springs makes the Rockies the team you want to root for. Fifteen years can be a long time. As we got back into the game a little, they only people that we knew were the base coaches and some of the announcers. They were the players in 1994 that we watched. That is how far behind we were in baseball terms.

We had a new goal how could we get back into the game in 2010? How could it entertain us? What information could we garnish? How were we going to have fun with baseball? This is where technology and the iPhone comes in. In 1994 we were just starting to see new technology, and this internet thing was looking pretty cool. It is a lot better today. There was no such thing as an iPhone in 1994, heck the cell phones were still very big and you paid $10,000.00 a minute (that could be a slight exaggeration). As time moved on that internet thing just kept getting better and better and better. We started to use that internet thing more and more and we liked it and we liked it a lot. You can almost do anything with it (How did we live without it?). Then last year we found that iPhone and all that could be said is wow, wow, and another wow. We could even do more and we were always connected to that internet thing with the iPhone. We could be anywhere and really be anywhere. It is the best of times.

Then early this month we saw it. It fit beautifully. It combined baseball, with technology and wrapped it right into the iPhone. It was a Major League Baseball app for the iPhone called At Bat 2010. It could entertain us, it can bring every game to us like we have never had before. Remember it has been sixteen years since we followed baseball, and at that time distribution of games was not that good. At Bat 2010 will allow us from the iPhone to listen to every game that is played. They are also going to delivery us one streamed video game a day, follow every pitch in Gameday and watch in game highlights and condensed games. Information will not just be gathered from the baseball side but the technology side as well. How does this tick, why is it ticking and do we need it to tick. Hopefully we have fun finding out the ticking question, the baseball questions, and how the two have merge together.

We are going to share our thoughts on this journey on this blog with this technology. You to can see if the experiment work. Could this baseball app for the iPhone get abullrun back into baseball or had the damage been done and there could be no reunion. How good is the technology? Did we learn anything? Is the future tied to the iPhone? How good is that internet thing? Hopefully these question and many more questions that come from this little experiment will be answered. One thing is for sure we are going to have fun finding out, and we hope you have fun reading about our journey and please feel free to share your thoughts along the way. Comment on the blog post, it can be about baseball, (how is your favorite team doing, do you have a fantasy team, or just ask us a question) it could be about the iPhone, or that internet thing or anything you might think of.

Let the adventure begin.

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