Sunday, March 28, 2010 At Bat 2010 diary day 2 Know More Than The Base Coaches

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. We did it, the At Bat 2010 has been downloaded and now sits in our iPhone. The cost of this app is $14.99 plus tax. When we open the app we see today's scoreboard. The scoreboard shows every game, who is playing who and what time the games start. On the weekends all the grapefruit league games start at 11:00 MT and the Cactus league games start at 2:00 MT.

We start the process in the Grapefruit league (games that are played in Florida) and we choose the old favorite team. That team is the Baltimore Orioles and they are playing the Boston Red Sox this Saturday afternoon. We click on the game and after a couple of minutes figuring how to play the audio we get the voice of the Red Sox (the Orioles broadcast was not available). We are on the 3G network and we are getting very good sound. The first thing we notice is that local radio broadcast has a lot of commercials. Once the commercials are over, we are ready to play ball. We listen for a couple of innings and enjoy it except that we do not know any of the players. Maybe this is from being away from baseball for sixteen years or it's spring training. We are going to have to get up to speed on these players or we are going to be lost. We check the battery on the iPhone and in 3 innings we have dropped from 100% to 70%. Wow that is even a fast drop for the iPhone. We decide to quit, and wait for the Cactus League games to start.

The Cactus league (games played in Arizona) is where the action is going to be today. The main reason is that is the free TV game of the day is the Cubs vs Padres. We wait till 2:00 click on to watch the game and we are taken to the broadcast by WGN. As you probably know you could watch baseball on WGN sixteen years ago, so no change except instead of watching the game on a TV screen, we are watching it on an iPhone screen. We start the game on the 3G network. It is not a bad picture but it could be a little better, so we try the wi-fi and the quality turns to excellent. As we watch the game we notice that we do not know any of the players but we do know the base coaches. This is not good.

After a couple innings we decide to checkout the rest of the Cactus League with a start at the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies broadcast is very low but we can hear it ok. The good news here is that we recognize some of the Rockies Players. As we checkout the rest of the games we start to listen to the Mariners and the Dodgers game through the Seattle broadcasting network. We are enjoying the game because they are interviewing Joe Torre and Vin Scully, two names that we know. The problem is that one is a manager and the other is a broadcaster.

The good take away on the first day is that we like the app a lot and look forward to using it through the season. The bad take away is that just knowing the base coaches is not going to help us. Nobody talks about them. Till next time.

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