Monday, March 29, 2010 At Bat 2010 diary day 3 A Voice From the Past

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello everybody. It is day 3 of the great experiment. We were excited about Sunday's games. We picked out 3 games we were going to concentrate on. The first game was the Orioles and Blue Jays game. This ties into that the Orioles use to be the favorite team and we thought trying to learn about them again would be fun and growing up we always wanted to hear from the Orioles announcers. Chuck Thompson was the voice of the Orioles when we were growing up. Living in Colorado at that time you could only pick up the Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals, and St. Louis Cardinals on the radio and only at night and only after the sun set. That meant we picked up the game in the 7th, 8th or 9th inning of a game and we were happy to get that. It was Major League Baseball and we loved it. However we never did get to hear any Orioles games on the radio and we never did hear Chuck Thompson. He passed away a couple of years back and we reflect if we only had At Bat 1979 how much more fun would we have had listening to Chuck Thompson describe the plays of Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Ken Singleton and the rest of the crew. That year the Orioles did make it to the World Series. Sorry for the digression into past Orioles history.

The second game we were going to concentrate on was the Pirates and the Phillies. The main reason this game was chosen was that it was the free TV game that we can watch from the iPhone from. We are very excited to watch a baseball game that does not come from WGN and this game was not coming from WGN. The third game was the Tigers and the Yankees. The main reason was that abullrun's Dad was going to hear a couple of innings of the Yankees (his favorite team, he is from New York) from the radio.

So we are set, 3 games for Sunday, it will almost be like turning the clock back 16 years. We turn on the app and what do we see. Rain Delay on the Orioles and Blue Jays game. We get it rain delays are part of baseball. It will still work, we will just watch more of the Pirates and Phillies on the iPhone. We scroll down and you are not going to believe it. Yep that game is in a rain delay too. That is what you get when you play all the games in Florida. So that leaves us with the Tigers and Yankee game.

We scroll to that game and it is not in a rain delay. Perfect we have a least one game we wanted to listen to, that is available to us. We click on to listen to the Yankees broadcasters. Then it happens, the voice of the Yankees comes on the iPhone and tells us that the clouds are coming and it is going to rain very soon. What got us was not what he said but how he said it. We knew that voice, we had heard it many times in the past. It was John Sterling. John Sterling, Ernie Johnson, Skip Caray, and Pete van Wieren were very big to places that did not have a baseball team. These guys were the voices of the Atlanta Braves when TBS put the Braves on cable and we could watch every game. Remember you could only pick up games on the radio at night so this one big if you liked baseball. It was the early 80's when we they came to Colorado Springs. We watched every game that was on TBS that year and we think it was close to 150 games. Every night we heard those guys call the Braves baseball game. We were in baseball heaven.

It was good to hear John Sterling voice again. The Yankees and the Tigers did play a couple of innings and abullrun's Dad was very excited. However John Sterling was correct the rain came and cancelled the rest of the game. When we checked back the Orioles and Blue Jays game and the Pirates and Phillies game were also cancelled due to rain.

Here is the good take away for today. We love hearing John Sterling call a baseball game he is great. The bad take away for today. Again we find ourselves only knowing the base coaches and the broadcasters, and sometimes it rains and you have no baseball. Till next time.

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