Wednesday, March 31, 2010 At Bat 2010 diary day 5 Multi-tasking

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello Everybody. It is day 5 of our experiment with At Bat 2010 iPhone app. Nothing has changed in baseball. The last week in spring training is very hard. Ninety-nine percent of the players are ready for the regular season but the regular season is still about a week to go. The freshness of spring training has turned into the drudgery of spring training. It has been about forty-five days since they first reported and it is time to play ball for real. The players, coaches, and fans are more worried of somebody getting hurt than if their team wins. Managers are doing everything not to have their stars in the line-up to long. The regular season starts on Sunday, April 4, 2010 in Boston at Fenway Park against their bitter rivals, the defending world champions, the New York Yankees (that should be a great game). Most of the rest of the teams will start the regular season the next day on April 5, 2010.

Because of where we are at in Spring Training, not much to mention about baseball but we thought we would share our thoughts about some of the features that At Bat iPhone app has. The first feature we like a lot is that you can send the audio to the Safari web browser and still listen to the game and check e-mails, text, in other words you can multi-task and still listen to the game. This is very cool. One of the other features that is available for this app is the news. It is split up into two sections. One is for the news around the majors and one where you can find the news about a certain team. So far we find this feature is okay, but nothing great. This again could be do to that it is spring training and not the regular season. The next feature is the standings section. This will be very good in the regular season, useless in spring training. The next feature is the videos. It is set up just like the news feature. You can see featured videos, mostly video clips of home runs, then you can search for videos, or you can pick videos from the teams. These videos are a little light in content, and again we believe there is only so much you can do with spring training games.

According to the description for this app coming for the regular season is Gameday, where you can follow every pitch. Also coming is in game highlights, condensed games, and push notifications. We can not wait for those features and can not wait to share the good and the bad of these features with you.

Here is the good take away for today. We love that you can listen to the games in Safari and multi-task on the iPhone. That will really help us durning the course of the season. The bad take away for the day is that the regular season is still four days away. Till next time.

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