Monday, March 15, 2010

We Thank You Peter Graves

Posted by Drew Z.:

We wanted to do a blog post on the death of Peter Graves. We wanted to talk about more about how we watched and liked his work at abullrun land than just a biography of him. His story is interesting and you would like to see it click here and you will be taken to his Wikipedia page or if you would like to see a good story after is his death click here and you will be taken to this story in Yahoo news.

Growing up the show Mission Impossible was never missed by abullrun's dad. So of course we saw a fair amount of Peter Graves. The show was very well done and of course the mission was impossible but somehow they pulled it off. It did seem that the pulling off a mask was the key ingredient to their success (it was so real). Who cares that the bad guys lost and the good guys won. Your classic TV theme. The coolest part was when the tape that gave Jim Phelps (character name for Peter Graves) his mission would self destruct. At that time very future looking, at this time we have no idea what a real to real tape player is. Right after the tape self destruct one of the best TV themes songs would start. Peter Graves had help with his mission and the show had some great regulars like Cinnamon Carter (Barbara Bain), Barnard "Barney" Collier (Greg Morris), Willy Armitage (Peter Lupus), and Rollin Hand (Martin Landau). We always like Barney because he had the coolest toys to play with and it seemed he could do anything. He was like "Q" from the James Bond movies. The show lasted seven years and had 171 episodes and ended in 1973.

As time went by we saw Peter Graves in many guest appearances on TV. One of the best was when he teamed up with his daughter and did the "this is not your father's Oldsmobile" commercial. Of course the plot of the commercial is that some international group is looking for Peter Graves. As he gets into his Oldsmobile and drives off he has to go through a checkout point and before he get there he takes of the mask and it is Peter Graves' daughter. It is just like Mission Impossible without the self destruct tape. Then we see Mr. Graves in one of the funniest movies of all times. He plays Captain Oveur in Airplane and in a movie that is loaded with memorable quotes, Peter Graves delivers his fair share. To do that movie justice, you should really see it and see how good Mr. Graves was in it.

Then in the mid-eighties one of the local Denver stations decides to play the re-runs of Mission Impossible. abullrun's dad is very excited, but there is a slight problem they are going to be aired at 3:00 AM. No problem the VCR has been invented and it is set for taping. The first showing comes on and the quality is horrible. First abullrun's dad did not need the VCR he set the alarm and got up to watch it. That is a big fan. Did he ever have fun over the course of time watching all the classic Mission Impossible shows again. Even the poor quality of the tape would not stop him from watching that show. Some how he got one of his daughters (abullrun's sister) hooked on watching the show as well. Over the course of time they would look over the TV schedule to see if some station was playing Mission Impossible. They like the show so much they even tried and watch the revival Mission Impossible series in the late eighties but it just was not as good as the original. Even though they liked the movies, they hated that they made Jim Phelps a double agent in the first movie.

Then about five years ago the First season of Mission Impossible came out. Wow was abullrun's dad and sister excited about this. They could not wait to get their hands on these dvds. A good quality dvd to watch one of there favorite shows anytime they wanted to. They even had their wallpaper on their computer with the Mission Impossible coming soon dvd picture. They now have the complete set and can watch any show at anytime, but they still like to find some TV station playing it late at night.

So we want to thank Peter Graves for bringing such excitement and joy to abullrun's dad and sister. As for abullrun we still think that self destruct tape and puff of smoke and that great theme song is still cool. We leave you with a video of that puff of smoke and great intro.

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