Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Thank You Robert Culp

Posted by Drew Z.:

We have lost another TV icon yesterday. Robert Culp who starred or appeared in many TV show passed away he was 79. He was best known for his role as Kelly Robinson in I-Spy where he teamed up with Bill Cosby. Much of the media coverage has focused on his I-Spy role. Again, like our post about the death of Peter Graves there were other memories and fun moments watching Robert Culp on TV. Before we go down memory lane if you would like to see his story and it is very interesting please click here and you will be taken to his Wikipedia page or if you would like to see a good article about his death click here and you will be taken to a story in Yahoo news.

Robert Culp was on a lot of TV shows some as a guest star role, and some in a reoccurring role. Even though he played a very small part in Everybody Loves Raymond as Ray's Father-in-law. He had some very funny story lines. The best in abullrun's opinion was when he left Debra's Mom for another woman. They all meet up for one of their family holiday get togethers and both of Debra's parents are going to show up and Robert Culp is going to bring the other woman to this get together. Of course everybody thinks it is a younger woman and when he shows up with an older woman. Wow comedy genius and Robert Culp is so good in that episode. If you have not seen this episode, you should make every attempt to especially if you like to laugh.

Robert Culp made us laugh on Everybody Loves Raymond but he really made us think on his guest appearances as the villain on the television show Columbo. How was Columbo going to catch him? In 1971 he starred in "Death Lends A Hand". He plays a detective who tries to blackmail one of his clients and accidentally kills her. Then he and Columbo lock horns and of course Columbo wins. Series creators Richard Levinson and William Link won an Emmy for writing this episode. His next Columbo role is in 1972 is "The Most Crucial Game" where Culp plays a general manager of a pro football team and kills the man who is going to take over the sports franchise with a block of ice as he pretends to be an ice cream delivery man all at the same time that he is suppose to be at the football game. High drama between him and Columbo. You guessed it Columbo wins this one as well. The third episode is from 1973 and titled "Double Exposure". This time we deal with psychology, subliminal advertising, and a little thing called murder. It would not be a Columbo show if Columbo does not get his man. In "Double Exposure" Columbo does get his man. Robert Culp would be in one more Columbo episode but he does not play the main villain. Robert Culp and Peter Falk are great in the cat and mouse and really bring the story to life. If you like mystery, intrigue, great plots, and great acting you will want to watch these episodes.

In 2007 the Archive of American Television interviewed Robert Culp about his life and you can see the entire interview (which goes for about 3 hours) by clicking here you will be taken to YouTube and see this interview. We want to say thank you Robert Culp. Thank you for the memories, thank you for making us laugh, and thank you for entertaining us. You will be missed. We leave you with an excerpt from that interview.

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