Sunday, April 4, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 9 Mike Cuellar RIP

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello everybody. It is time to pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 9 and we are less than an hour away from opening day or should that be opening night. It is going to be big Yankees vs Red Sox or is it just one game at of 162 games and it is a long way to October. Either way it will be fun tonight. Yesterday we had an update for At Bat 2010. The update was to enhanced MLB.TV featuring box score, field, and player overlays. We saw a little of this today with the free TV game (There was one last spring training game). It does enhance the game but not sure it will be used a lot. There looks like there will be a need for some experimenting once the regular season gets underway. We are looking at trying it out tomorrow with the free TV game. The next update is that there is a Today's TV schedule which was added to the video section. We like this a lot, however if in a perfect world we would like to see a TV schedule for a week at a time. This would give us a chance to know what the free game is and what time the game is so we can plan accordingly. The next update is the that the Current Matchup component added to Team view. Not sure what this is, we could not find it. Anybody out there that know please let us know. The last update is that Gameday Audio reliability has been improved. That sounds great (get the pun).

We did not post for days 7 and 8. This was because not much was happening in the last couple of days of spring training and we were really busy covering the launch of the iPad in Colorado Springs. It was a lot of fun and we hope you enjoyed the video that we posted to this blog yesterday. What we did want to pass on was that we listen to a Rockies, Cubs game for the first five innings before they pull the starters out. The game was on WGN radio in Chicago. The big take away was that we heard Ron Santo for the first time. He was great, he had us laughing and entertained us quite well. We look forward to listening to him again. We were also able to see the first inning of the first game in the Twins new ballpark called Target Field. abullrun was out and about that day but we were able to find a place to sit and we pulled out the iPhone and launched the At Bat 2010 and watched the historic first game on the iPhone with a 3G connection. The quality of the stream was great. It was like watching it on TV except on a smaller screen, but to watch it when we were out was truly great.

The last thing we wanted to mention was the passing of all time great pitcher Mike Cuellar. He was best known for being part of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff that in 1971 where all 4 member of the staff won 20 games. Today that is almost impossible of course that was almost impossible in any day an age and that is why that is such a special accomplishment. Click here and you will be taken to a great article about him from Yahoo Sports.

Looks like the game is blacked out on the iPhone tonight so hopefully we will listen to the game from the iPhone on WCBS. As we mentioned in a past post, we love listening to John Sterling and look forward to his call. Till next time.

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