Thursday, April 8, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 13 Hi Hello and Welcome George Grande

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello everybody. We can put it on the board YES. On Tuesday we watch the first baseball game from first pitch to last pitch in fourteen years. Get this, it was the Orioles that we got to watch. What a treat. It is time to pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 13. It was a great opening day game between the Orioles and the Rays in Tampa. We were ready, had the iPhone plugged in, did not want the battery to go out, had the wi-fi going, we wanted the best picture possible, and we had the iPhone propped up for the best viewing possible, remember we are talking a small screen here. When abullrun was growing up, outside of watching the Orioles play in the World Series, watching the Orioles playing on opening day was one of the things we really wanted to see. That was not going to happen when you grow up in Colorado and root for team that plays in Baltimore. However we did get to watch an opening day game played by the Orioles. It just took many more years than one would think, an iPhone and At Bat 2010. The game was close the whole way through. There was good pitching, good defense, and good hitting. The Orioles were leading most of the way till the Rays scored 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth and won the game. It was a game that has been seen many times. One team has a lead and has a lots of opportunity to score more runs but somehow lets that opportunity slip by and the other team finds a way to win. Usually the better team finds that way to win. Growing up the Orioles would have found that way to win this game. Unfortunately those players are retired now and either coaching or broadcasting.

The quality of the game was great. We could see everything clearly and enjoyed watching the game from the iPhone. Actually it might have been more enjoyable by using At Bat 2010. When you tap the iPhone there is a menu that comes up and gives you a choice if you would like to see out of town scores, or if you would like to see the current box scores, or see the park and the defensive line up. It was great, during the commercials we would tap the screen and see what the out of town scores were. Of course the Rockies game was going on at the same time and we were able to keep updated on how they were doing. Although there is interest in all the games, the Yankees and Red Sox were playing another good game and we were able to keep tabs on that game as well. Overall we liked watching Major League Baseball on the iPhone.

One of the great features you get with At Bat 2010 is the in game highlights. Not all the video clips you get are of the action. Sometimes they you bring you a clip of somebody who visits the booth who is well known. On Monday from Cincinnati we got 2 nine minute clips of such an event. The first clip featured George Grande who use to do the play by play for the Reds for over 17 years. We will always remember watching George Grande on ESPN in the early years (he hosted the very first broadcast of SportsCenter on ESPN in 1979) and had one of the great into's "Hi, Hello and Welcome". The second clip featured Hall of Famer Johnny Bench. It was very nice to see, hear, and to find out what he is doing these days. It really added to the fun of baseball that we have had since we have picked up this app. However the in game highlights mostly give you the in game highlights and did they give us one on Monday. Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle made one of the most spectacular defensive plays you will ever see. After chasing the ball that hits him in foul ground he flips the ball to the first baseman between his legs and Paul Konerko the first baseman for the White Sox catches the flip with his bare hand to get the put out. It maybe the only time an out was recorded when one person threw the ball with his glove and the other person caught it with his throwing had. Click here and you will be taken to to see this clip. Till next time.

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