Saturday, April 10, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 15 A Tale of Two Cities

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello everybody. It is a tale of two cities, two baseball teams, two home openers, and it was the best of times and it was the worst of times or it is just baseball. It is time to pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 15. Wow did we have a good time with baseball on Friday. It was a classic tale of two cities yesterday. The first city is Baltimore. It has been a long time since the Orioles have contended for the playoffs. They have made some good moves over the years and this year looks like they will be improved. The problem is that they are in the same division as the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox and most likely the best they can hope for is fourth place but just maybe everything comes together and they stay in the race till September. The second team is Denver. The Rockies were in the World Series in 2007 and the playoffs in 2009. They have been picked by some to win the division, and some to make it to the World Series. The Rockies are expected to contend all year.

Friday was the home opener for both teams. One team celebrated with their fans and the other team suffered a gut wrenching lost. It was the best of times for the Rockies. They beat the Padres 7-0 and their starting pitcher Jorge De La Rosa pitched 7 inning and gave up only one hit and every position player got a hit. The fans were stoked and they went home happy with the World Series dancing in their dreams. It was the worst of times for the Orioles. They lost to the Blue Jays 7-6 with the Orioles taking a 6-5 lead going to the 9th. The O's brought in their new closer Mike Gonzalez to start the 9th inning. On opening day Gonzalez came in the game in a very similar situation and Tampa Bay rallied for 2 in the 9th and the Orioles lost. The only game the Orioles won he loaded the bases and was lucky to get a victory. Now he comes in the home opener and the fans are going wild. He walks the first batter and then wild pitches him to second. The next batter then doubles to center scoring the tying run. After the Jays sacrificed the runner to third with a bunt, they put the winning run on the board with a sacrifice fly. The cheers turned to boos and the air seemed to be let out of the ball park. The fans went home frustrated, disappointed and thinking it was going to be a lot like the last couple of years with a lot of losses. The Orioles' announcers were even talking about how gut wrenching this loss was.

It just seems like baseball to us. As we look at the standings we see that we have only played 4 games of 162 games only 158 games to go. We also notice that if the Orioles win on Saturday and if the Rockies lose on Saturday they will have the same record. We also noticed that Trevor Hoffman (he has the most saves in baseball history) gave up the lead on Saturday and the Brewers lost, and Billy Wagner (he is a very good closer) also was unable to close out the game for the Braves on Saturday. It can look worse than it is when you have not won in a long time and the Orioles have not won in a long time. Living in Colorado we saw last year the Rockies had one of the worse records in baseball in May and they went to the playoffs. We tell the Oriole fans, "it is a long way to October and anything can happen. Don't loose the hope". Till next time.

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