Saturday, April 17, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 22 Hello Coors Field

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello everybody. In a very short time At Bat 2010 iPhone app has changed the way we follow baseball. Before our experiment we were not following baseball at all, we had not watched or listen to a full game in over ten years. Since we purchased the app we have watched two full games on the iPhone and we listen to a couple of baseball games a day everyday. It is time to pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 22. It is not just TV and radio now this app has taken us to Coors Field. That is right we made a road trip to Denver and watch the Rockies and the Mets on Jackie Robinson Day. We had a great day at the ball park except that the home team got shutout. We have documented our trip on video and you can watch the sights and sounds like abullrun did on Jackie Robinson Day. Just click the play button, have fun and enjoy the video it goes for 3 minutes and 19 seconds. If you like to read all the post of this diary click here and you will be taken to our blog where you will see all the post in order. Till next time.

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