Friday, April 23, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 28 A Triple Play and 20-0 rout

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello everybody. It seems strange not have some exciting or new or different news to report on this diary. It was fun playing can you top this and seemed like we could all week. However, we knew we were not going to top abullrun's dad and Goose Gossage story. It is time to pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 28. It isn't that we have no exciting news it is just more in the main stream news. Or do we? We were listening to the Yankees and A's game when the Yankees turned a triple play. That triple play was the first one for the Yankees in over 40 years. We caught a couple of innings of the Brewers 20-0 win over the Pirates. The worse lost at home for the Pirates ever. We were sad to see the total collapse of the Baltimore Orioles. They are already 13 games under 500 and have only won 2 games in the first 17 games of the season. We have been listening to a lot of New York Yankees games and we can definitely see why and how they won the World Series last year and why they are probably the favorites for 2010.

We are going to turn our attention more to the At bat 2010 iPhone app. One of the best thing this app offers is to keep yourself updated on the game you are listening to. Besides the audio feed you get Gameday, the running box score, the summary, and in game videos. These features are great if you miss something in the game you are listening to, you can find out what happened. It is really good when you are listening to one game and you can follow many games that are playing at the same time. Like tonight we were able to listen to the Yankees and the Angels game and we followed the Giants and Cardinals game. We were interested in follow the two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum pursuit of win number 4. Lincecum accomplished his mission and won his fourth game and his ERA is now at 1.00. Wow that is good. We followed that game on Gameday and listen to John and Susan on WCBS give the play by play of the Yankees and Angeles at the same time. Wow that is good too.

Since the At Bat 2010 is the number one sports app in Apple's iTunes store, there is a free weekend of MLB.TV on At Bat 2010. It sounds like we can watch all the games on the iPhone this week except for the Rockies game. They are always blacked out to us because we live in Colorado. It also sounds like it will be one fun weekend of baseball. We are looking forward to it. If you like to read all the post of this diary click here and you will be taken to our blog where you will see all the post in order. Till next time.

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