Saturday, May 1, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 36 To Much Albert Pujols

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello Everybody. We continue our march through a look at the first month of the season and our predictions before the season started. If you are a reader of this diary you know we were a little behind in the knowledge of the players because of our twelve year absence from Major League Baseball. That did not stop us from making predictions for the 2010 season. After purchasing the At Bat 2010 iPhone app we thought we would follow baseball much closer this year. We have diffidently did that and some. Although we are way behind still, we think we can make better predictions than those wild predictions we did at the start of the season. It is time to pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 36. We have already posted on the A.L. East and the N.L. West and today we will head on over to the N.L. Central.

A review of our early prediction has the Cubs winning the division, the Cards coming in second, with the Brewers in 3rd, the Reds in the 4th slot, and the Pirates and Astros finishing it out. Before we correct these picks we want to thank our friend Cliff Aliperti. We had a great discussion on this division on twitter with him and he showed us our mistaken ways. He told us that there is to much talent in St. Louis and after some research and reflection he is right. What we found was there is to much pitching, to much Albert Pujols, and not enough pitching in the rest of the division for the Cards not to win the division. When Brad Penny is your third best starting pitcher and Matt Holliday is your second best hitter you have some talent. So we are switching our pick and putting the Cards in the first slot.

The Brewers, Pirates, and the Reds look a lot a like. A lot of speed, a lot of athleticism, and not a lot of pitching. The Brewers have a lot more power and probably more pitching, and they were in the playoffs a couple of years ago and contended last year. The Reds have a lot of speed and a lot of youth and some pitching. The Pirates also have a lot of youth, speed, and a manager who is not afraid to do things different. They are batting the pitcher 8th which turns the lineup over nicely, unfortunately they do not have enough hitting to make that move really payoff but we like the attitude. That leaves us the Cubs and the Astros. The Cubs look like a .500 team at best. The Cubs bullpen is a disaster right now and their starting pitching isn't all that great and their ace of last year is already in the bullpen. That can not be good. Their lineup does not scare to many people. The Astros just look bad and had a horrible start. They do have Roy Oswalt but you are going to need more than him. For some reason we just don't like what we see in Houston so we are going to keep them in the cellar. We will round out the division by putting the Brewers in second, we will give the Reds the nod at 3rd, the Cubs get the 4th spot and the Pirates in 5th.

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