Friday, May 7, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 42 The Rangers Can Hit

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello Everybody. We are almost done with our look back at our predictions from the start of the season. Just two divisions left and both from the American League. You have to be careful when looking at the standings in April. A lot of teams and or players get hot and some teams look better than they are and some teams who are good are struggling. Some players that will have major impact on the season are either hurt or in the minors. They will play and make a difference in June, July, and August. Nobody knows who they are yet. Some teams have injuries now and are just trying to stay close and will make they runs later. Some teams are older, and their injuries or tiredness will show up in the dog days and they will falter. Some teams are young and the young players will come together and take off. It is a long way to October and there are many turns left in a long season. Let's take a look at the AL West. It is time to pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 42.

A quick review, of the before the season predictions reveals that we had the Rangers winning the division, with the Angels coming in second, the A's take the third slot, and in the basement we find the Mariners. Just like the NL East we like our predictions and will keep this order. As in the NL East we now have a much better clue about these teams. The big reason we like the Rangers is that they can hit and they are aggressive. If the Rangers were in the AL East they might finish in fourth. The AL West is week and the Rangers have much more hitting than the rest of the division and we think that will be the difference. The Angels always seem to find a way to win and they are they are the defending AL West champions. They added Hideki Matsui and that will help. They have better pitching and a more balance team, and a very good manager. We would not put it past the Angels for winning the division again. The A's have an interesting team. We like some of their pitching but they really lack the bats. It looks like they are building something but they still have a ways to go. We are not sure what the Mariners have. They do have some pitching with Cliff Lee and company but their hitting seems very week. They were looking at having Milton Bradley as the clean-up hitter and nothing against Milton Bradley but you don't want him as your clean up hitter.

A feature we have talked about before but we are now using differently and more often is the Gameday feature. We listen to a lot of games and we watch about two games a week on the iPhone. We have really enjoyed those two features. The Gameday feature allows us to follow the game pitch by pitch and player by player. Without any sound or having to follow the game by video. It just gives a text play by play. If there is an exciting play we just wait a couple of minutes and we can see the play on the in game videos. We don't miss anything and it allows us to do work that we need concentration in and we would rather not have noise in the background. Getting two things done at the same time. You have to love it. If you like to read all the post of this diary click here and you will be taken to our blog where you will see all the post in order. Till next time.

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