Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MLB.com At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 46 Unwritten Rules

Posted by Drew Zeitlin.:

Hello Everybody. Today we want to talk about unwritten rules in baseball terms. There is has been a lot of talk about this subject and we thought we would add our two cents worth as well. It is time to pick up the diary for the MLB.com At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 46. Most of the controversy about unwritten rules has come from Dallas Braden. That's right the guy that just pitched the perfect game for the Oakland A's. A couple of weeks ago Braden was upset that after a foul ball, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees ran over the pitching mound on his way back to first base. We were listening to this game on the Yankees network, and John and Susan at the time had no idea what the argument was about. Of course the press got a hold of the story and now it has been debated in every corner. After Braden threw the perfect game he and his Grandma took shots at Alex Rodriguez putting this unwritten rule back into the play. To us this is stupid even it is unwritten rule that only hand full of people have heard of. It sounds like what gang members and or mafia members say. This is our turf and you come on our turf we will have to hurt you. It is a baseball game that just had a foul ball, who cares how the runner gets back to first. As a baseball fan who likes the game to move faster, the faster he can get back to first base the better, and the faster the pitcher can get back on the mound and start pitching the better. If this is an unwritten rule they should deleted it from the unwritten rule book because it stinks.

The second unwritten rule we want to talk about also includes Dallas Braden and the game he pitched the perfect game. This unwritten rule involves Evan Longoria bunt attempt in the 5th inning. According to a lot of people Evan Longoria is the best player on the Rays (we would say Carl Crawford is but Longoria is very good). Trying to get something started Longoria tried a bunt that went foul (good thing nobody was on first and had to return to the base). He then struck out on that at bat. Again controversy is upon us because of unwritten rules. It sounds like if a pitcher is pitching a no hitter or perfect game you are suppose to swing away no bunting, no walking, or being hit with a pitch. How dare a hitter try to get on base and make the pitcher pitch from the stretch and give your team a chance to win the game. A lot of pitchers when they have to pitch from the stretch are not the same pitcher. It is your duty as a hitter no matter what the pitcher is doing to reach base. Who knows if Longoria reaches first base, the pitcher has to pitch from the stretch, the next batter was Carlos Pena who is very capable of hitting a home run. Next thing you know the game is 4-2 the pitcher now has his concentration interrupted B.J. Upton is now up to bat and maybe he starts a rally. Remember Tampa Bay has the best record in baseball and have some great players. Sometime with a team like that, all you need is to get a rally started is to get the pitcher in the stretch. The written rule is try to win every game especially for your fans, and the integrity of the game. This is another unwritten rule that should be deleted because it is worse than the first.

There are other unwritten rules like the pitcher is suppose to hit the next batter up after the previous batter hits a home run. Another stupid unwritten rule that baseball plays by. There was a good article by Jason Turbow titled "The 'Code': Ten unwritten baseball rules you might not know" and you can read that article by clicking here. And here is a good article by Duk about the Longoria bunt attempt titled "Braden's perfecto could've ended on an unwritten rule violation" and you can see that article by clicking here. If you like to read all the post of this diary click here and you will be taken to our blog where you will see all the post in order. Till next time.

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