Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cross Stitch Calculator Converter

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello Everybody. We have a fun little tool for your today. Have you ever had a cross stitch pattern that was designed for one kind of count when you wanted a different count and wish you could convert it to the count of your choosing. This little cross stitch calculator converter will help you with that task. The formula for doing this is design stitch count divided by fabric thread count equals finished size. Why pull out a pencil and paper or a calculator, when you can have this cross stitch calculator converter do all the work. To determine the finished design size for your project, enter the dimensions of the project in stitches and the fabric count and press the calculate button. It is that simple.

A quick example would be lets say that you have a cross stitch pattern that is designed in 18 count with a design size of 125W X 125H and you want the pattern in 14 count. Just enter 125 for the width and 125 for the height then enter in 14 for the count and don't forget to click inch if you wanted the design size in inches and then hit calculate and you will be given the finished size for the design in 14 count instead of 18 count. In this example you will need 8.928 x 8.928 amount of fabric to complete this design in 14 count. Remember this is the design size and you will need to add a several inches on all sides.

Cross Stitch Calculator

Design Size:

squares per

Finished Design Size
inches wide by inches high.

cm wide by cm high.

We want to thank Connie G. Barwick and Stephan Chapman at for their help on this calculator.

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