Monday, June 28, 2010 At Bat 2010 iPhone app diary day 93 Notification Feature

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello Everybody. It is time to talk baseball again at abullrun land. Today we want to talk about a great feature in the At Bat 2010 iPhone app. We discovered it a couple of weeks ago. We know we were a little late in finding this jewel. Since we have found it, we have really liked it. It is their notifications feature and it works great. So lets pick up the diary for the At Bat 2010 iPhone app once again. Today will be day 93.

The notification feature lets you pick your favorite teams or any team you like, well for that matter all teams that you want to follow and will give you a notification on your iPhone with a ring and little description that the team you are following, game has started and when the game ends it will notify you the final score with winning and losing pitchers. This happens whether you are on the At Bat 2010 iPhone app or you are not. This feature helps you a lot when you are not on the app. Sometimes you forget the time or even that your team you are following is playing and the notification reminds and you can follow that game. Even though you know that game is going on but you can not follow it is great to get the notification when the game ends who won and who the winning and losing pitchers are. You are up to date just like that.

The notifications feature is in the more feature at the bottom of the page. You click on settings, then favorite teams. Once you decide on the team or teams that you want to follow you select them in our case we have selected the Colorado Rockies and the New York Yankees. Then you go into notification turn on notification and click your team below that leads you to a screen that allows you to enable alerts for game start and game end for that team. You can also enable condensed game and video highlight. If you enable these features you will be notify when these features are available on the iPhone app. We do not enable these features because we use these features in a different way and like the manual control and do not want unnecessary notification coming through the iPhone. Once the alerts are enable your done and you will start receiving them as they occur.

There you have it, another cool feature from At Bat 2010 iPhone app. If you like to read all the post of this diary click here and you will be taken to our blog where you will see all the post in order. Till next time.

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