Friday, September 10, 2010

Kreinik Metallic Thread Fine # 8 Golds 20 Spools and Items Back In Stock

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello Everybody. It's time to get another quick update on the out of stock items that are now back in stock. We have nine items that were out stock, that are now back in stock. Don’t forget to check out the items back in stock label for you to track when the new stock arrives and as always we will feature one of the out of stock, now in stock item.

Today’s feature is the Kreinik Metallic Thread Fine # 8 Golds 20 Spools and it resides in the Kreinik Threads & Cross Stitch > Kreinik Color Thread Stashes category. Bring the glow of sunshine to your projects with golds that range from the brilliance of white gold to blaze of amber. The Gold Color Stash includes the following 20 colors on 5 meter reels: 002C, 002HL, 002J, 002V, 017HL, 102, 102C, 102HL, 104C, 150V, 202HL, 205C, 210, 212, 321J, 3202, 3221, 3228, 3232

These Gold Color Stash Threads are new and factory sealed.

Here is the list of the out of stock items now back in stock:

  • Blending Filament holographic Colors From Kreinik
  • Halloween Metallic Gift Collection #1 From Kreinik
  • Metallic Thread Fine #8 Golds From Kreinik
  • G-NS-4 Featherweight Thread Nippers From Gingher
  • G-NS-4B Featherweight Thread Clips. Blunt Point From Gingher
  • G-TNKE Thread Nippers From Gingher
  • G-8GS 8" Dressmakers Shears From Gingher
  • G-S Sharpening Stone From Gingher
  • G-10 10" Inch Bent Trimmers From Gingher

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