Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gingher Scissors G-DS7 8" Dressmaker's Shears Cheetah Designer Series

Posted by Keith Z

Hello all.

If you are a collector, or just want a really cool pair of scissors for your sewing needs than we have the pair of scissors for you. Gingher Scissors G-DS7 8" Dressmaker's Shears Cheetah Designer Series. There is just something about this design that makes these scissors so cool. Of course your not going to find a better cutting tool anywhere. Remember these scissors and all Gingher Designer's Series, are a limited edition so quantities are limited.

Let your imagination run wild with the cheetah themed handles of Gingher’s Designer Series. Limited edition, Italian designs are applied by Gingher’s craftsmen to make each pair a unique treasure. Serious collectors and creative crafters will be inspired by the art and attention to detail of this distinctive shears.

Versatile 8 inch Dressmaker’s Shears have longer length, knife edge blades, strong enough to trim and cut multiple layers of fabric effortlessly, cut out patterns and trim seams. Bent handles allow for smooth, comfortable cutting across any flat surface. The blades have a durable, double-plated chrome finish over nickel. Each pair of shears arrives in a gold foil gift box and includes a molded nylon sheath for storage.

These scissors are new and factory sealed.

You can find all of our Gingher limited edition scissors at Gingher Scissors and Gift Set

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