Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kreinik Metallic Thread Very Fine (#4) Braid New Candy Colors 9 Spools

Posted by Keith Z

Hello to all. Good news here at abullrun we have just received the new candy colors form Kreinik.

There are 9 new colors. We have lotted them together for you, so you can buy all nine of them at one time.

There's a sweet sensation taking over needlework threads. Stitchers can now create pearly patterns with nine new candy colored metallic shades from Kreinik. These "gourmet" metallic colors offer a subtle shimmer reminiscent of gum drops, rock candy, Lemonheads™, cherry Icees™, frosted fruit slices and fresh taffy. They sound yummy, don't they?

These sweet treats won't make you gain weight — in fact, the creative options may rev up your metabolism. As soon as you begin stitching with the new candy colors, you realize how versatile they are. Not just for food-themed designs, the pearly hues offer a look of stand-out beauty and elegance, with the understated metallic creating a shimmer that softens a design. If you want to stitch a dimensional, eye-catching project without over-the-top bling, these shades are for you.

Can be used in cross stitch, needlepoint, quilting, jewelry, crafts

Candy Color Very Fine (#4) Color Stash

Includes the following 9 colors on 11 Meter (12yard) spools: 5700 - Cotton Candy , 5705 - Rock Candy Red, 5720 - Gum Drop Gold, 5725 - Lollipop Lemon, 5735 - Key Lime Pie, 5740 - Sugar Plum, 5750 - Coffee Toffee, 5760 – Marshmallow, 5765 - Orange Sherbet

These Metallic Thread Very Fine (#4) Braid New Candy Colors are new

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