Friday, March 18, 2011


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Hi all. Lets talk scissors. Did you know that we have over 55 different Gingher Scissors wow!!!, and we are starting to carry Fiskars, and Premax scissors, and Olfa cutting tools.

Some of our most popular scissors is from Gingher and are part of the Designer's Series. We currently have 11 different scissors that is part of that collection.

Gingher's Designer's Series are all a limited edition so quantities are limited.

Here is a list of The Designer's Series Scissors From Gingher

What does one need to complete any sewing, craft, or needle work project. You must have scissors and we have the scissors for you. The Designer's Series Ella is perfect for cutting threads. The sharp points enable you to cut with exactness when you are in those tight places that needs a precision cut.

If you are a collector Designer's Series Elena No. 4 Embroidery Scissors is for you. These Designer's Series scissors have been decorated with the print Elena. The proprietary ornamentation process used in producing these scissors gives every pair a unique design, making each an original. The Ella scissors have been produced as a limited edition.

The Ella Designer's Series items are packaged in an attractive gift box with a protective sheath.

This Designer's Series Ella No. 4 Embroidery Scissors is new and factory sealed.

To See all our Ginger Scissors visit us at Gingher Scissors & Gift Sets Category

To See all our Fiskars, Premax, and Olfa cutting tools visit us at Other Scissors and Other Items Category

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