Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thread - Kreinik Items Back In Stock

Posted by Keith Zeitlin

Hi all, Great News we just got in 5 items that we have been out of stock from Kreinik.

Two of the items we got back in are Blending Filament Color Stashes. The first one is the Holographic Colors and yes these are in 3-d color and will light up any room. And the second one, is one of our most popular kits from Kreinik Blending Filament Basic which offers a collection of the basic colors.

Wow can you believe this, thread in holographic, 3D Color. This with out a doubt will light up any project that you are working on.

Use Kreinik Blending Filament, by itself or combined with other yarns, to create random highlighting effect in all hand embroidery like cross stitch and needlepoint, plus machine embroidery, crochet, and knitting.

Holographic Blending Filament Color Stash

Includes the following 16 colors on 50 Meter (55 yard) spools: 001L (Solor Silver Holo), 002L (Chromo Gold), 003L (Robot Red), 005L (Blinding Black), 007L (Power Pink), 008L (Kinetic Kelly), 012L (Lavendar-tric), 015L (Laser Lime), 021L (Coptic Copper), 022L (Molten Mocha), 024L (Fiery Fuchsia), 026L (Punchy Purple), 027L (Orangeruptis), 029L (Dyelectric Blue), 031L (Berry Red), 033L (Royal Blast).

These Holographic Blending Filament Color Stash Threads are new

Here is a list of items back in stock from Kreinik

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