Friday, April 15, 2011

Gingher Scissors - Back In Stock

Posted by Keith Zeitlin

Hi all, we have just received a shipment of Gingher Scissors, including 5 scissors that we had been out of stock of.

Included in the shipment is the terminator of Scissors the G-12 for tough fabrics for the home or industry projects. The classic embroidery scissors the G-4. And for our left handed friends out there we got in the Designer' Series Sonia 8" Left Handed. And to sharpen your Knife edge Scissors we got in Sharpening Stone G-S. and of course the feature of the day Would be the G-NS-4B.

4 inch featherweight thread clips, stainless steel blades, black glass-filled nylon frame, with protective safety loop cap.

Multi-purpose Thread Clips with blunted points cut so much more than threads. The points reach into tight spots to pull threads. Fishermen use the clips to cut fishing line. Made with strong stainless steel blades and lightweight nylon frames, the clips weigh a half ounce, light enough to carry in your purse, pocket or luggage. Each Clipper includes a protective cap with a convenient loophole that can be threaded to wear around your neck.

These scissors are new.

Here is a list of the items back in stock from Gingher

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