Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cross Stitch Kit - Items Back In Stock From Design Works

Frog Pile
Posted by Keith Zeitlin

Hi all, great news we have recently got a shipment in from Design Works including 14 kits that we had been out of stock of.

There back.  Those fun loving frogs, boy do they look like they are having a blast. 

Fun Frog fact -Did you know that most frogs do not drink water they absorb it through their skins.

Of course we have done up a fun video for you.

To see a video of this item please click here

This is something you do not see everyday. Sometimes you just come across a design that is fun. And this design is full of fun and full of frogs. There are a lot of frogs and they look like they like fun. Bring this fun design and these playful frogs into your home. Let's face we can all use a little fun in our lives.

This beautiful Counted Cross Stitch Kit is named "Frog Pile" and is from Design Works, and designed by Royce B. McClure.

This Kit Is New And Has Never Been Opened.

This Wonderful Counted Cross Stitch kit Contains:

100% cotton 14 Aida cloth, embroidery floss, needle, and instructions.

Design Size: 11" x 16"

Here is a list of the new items from Design Works

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