Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cross Stitch Design Father Sun We Now Have Heat

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. If you are reader of this blog post you know the other day we had sort of a rant on how cold it was here in Colorado Springs, CO. The rant also included how could the Denver Broncos loose that playoff game. For this blog post we are going to stick to the weather. That morning we woke up and it was 1 degree. We thought that was unacceptable. You know what Mother Nature did for the next morning? You got it, she was going to teach us a lesson and she did. We woke up the next morning and it was 2 below. How can we deal with this cold while we are still in shock of that football game. Sorry still having trouble dealing with that Broncos loss.

We were going to have to fight Mother Nature. How were we going to fight Mother Nature? We though it best if were to visit the digital vaults at abullrun. They seam always to have the answer. abullrun did not disappoint, they did have the answer. The only way to beat Mother Nature's cold was with Father Sun. After finding this heroic cross stitch design we were ready for battle. Father Sun came through we have temperatures in the 50's today. Our hero, thanks Father Sun.

Of course today's featured cross stitch design is named Father Sun. Let this cross stitch design not only warm up the outside but also your heart. Father Sun can be your hero too. The finished size of this sun filled design is 9" x 11".

The Cross Stitch Kit Father Sun is from Design Works. The kit includes #14 Aida cloth, beads, embroidery floss, needle, and instructions. As with all kits at this kit is new and has never been opened and is shipped in air bubble mailer.

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