Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cross Stitch Design Frederick the Literate Cat and Do the Ravens Win the Super Bowl

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. That big sporting event is getting closer. You know the big game the Super Bowl. That big game is just around the corner. In our previous Super Bowl post we talked about how this year Super Bowl would have the San Francisco 49ers and their head coach Jim Harbaugh playing the Baltimore Ravens and their head coach John Harbaugh. That is right, brothers (no not those Wright brothers). It will be interesting to see who the parents are rooting for. Who are you rooting for? If you are rooting for the 49ers check our past blog post here. If you are rooting for the Baltimore Ravens, what is the best way you can show your support?

The best way to find out anything is to check the digital vaults at abullrun. That is what we did and this is what we found out. The best way to root for the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl is  the cross stitch design Frederick the Literate Cat. We can hear you saying, "Did he say cat? How can Frederick the cat support the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl?" Frederick the Cat are not the key words but literate is the key word.  You see the Baltimore Ravins are named after the poem by Edgar Allen Poe called "The Raven".  Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Raven" in 1845 while he was living in Baltimore. Bet you (Don't take that bet) if you look real close you will see "The Raven" on that book shelf with Frederick the Cat. This would be a great way to root for the Ravens in the Super Bowl.

Once upon a midnight dreary the featured item today is named Cross Stitch Design Frederick the Literate Cat. This design is not only great to root on the Ravens but the detail of this feline portrait will entrance you and the humor will keep you smiling. How can you go wrong? Remember "Nevermore". The finished size of this fun design is 12" x 11" (30 x 28 cm).

The Cross Stitch Kit Frederick the Literate Cat is from Dimensions and designed by Charles Wysocki. The kit includes cotton and metallic thread, 14 count black Aida, thread palette, needle, and easy instructions. As with all kits at www.abullrun.com this kit is new and has never been opened and is shipped in air bubble mailer.

Checkout the Cross Stitch Kit Frederick the Literate Cat from Dimensions

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