Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cross Stitch For The Really Advance

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. Every once in a while we run into some incredible cross stitch stuff on the internet and we like to share it with you. Boy did we run into some incredible cross stuff this time. There is a restaurant in downtown Toronto named Patria its a Spanish tapas restaurant.

This restaurant has a double height wall comprised of of a custom wallpaper image of a flamenco dancer, mounted behind a cross stitched screen. The cross stitch pattern is embroidered using cotton jersey on copper-coated steel grid. That's right cross stitch. This isn't your everyday cross stitch project. The full process took just over two months to complete, totaling 485 hours for everyone involved. There are just over 17,000 stitches (you read it properly 17,000 stitches) in the installation, spread over 21 separate 4'x8' panels. Laura Carwardine completed the cross stitching by hand. This is advance stuff and its beautiful.

I don't know how good the food is at Patria, I am sure the food is very good but if your in downtown Toronto you must stop in Patria for the food but also to see this great cross stitch wall.

To see pictures of this great cross stich wall click here.

To see an awesome time lapse video of the project click here. And you do want to see it. It is unbelievable.

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