Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stamped Cross Stitch Design Baby ABC Quilt and We Like Apple

Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. It's a another beautiful day in the neighborhood. What do you think about when you think of an apple? When we think of apple we think of apple pie. Boy does that taste good. Especially if you have a scoop of ice cream to go with it. Especially if that scoop is mint chocolate chip. That is one of the best deserts you can have. When some people think of apple they think of the company Apple. You know that company that makes the iPhone, iPad, iTunes and other computer products. Yesterday, Apple announced their earnings for the last quarter. Did you see it? Wow was the word. Apple's revenue for one quarter was $54.5 billion and their revenue for just the iPhone for one quarter was $30.66 billion. That is a lot of money. That got us to think (we know that can be very dangerous) is there anything more valuable than that Apple?

To find that answer we headed over to the digital vaults at abullrun.  Sure enough the answer is yes and it's the Stamped Cross Stitch Design Baby ABC quilt. Right at the start it says A is for apple, oh how cute is this design, how precious, how valuable is this baby quilt? This cute and precious baby quilt will keep any baby very warm and safe. But we are not talking any newborn we are talking your precious baby and how much more valuable is that newborn when the baby is warm and safe in the Baby ABC quilt? We would say much more valuable than that Apple company. Remember A is for apple just like the quilt says.

Of course today's featured cross stitch design is named Baby ABC Quilt. This baby quilt not only will keep the baby warm when it's young, but after the baby grows up this blanket will still be the favorite. The finished size of this stamped baby quilt is 34" x 43" (86 x 109 cm).

The Stamped Cross Stitch Kit Baby ABC Quilt is from Dimensions and designed by Tina Ledbetter. The kit includes cotton thread, design printed in ink that fades with washing on pre-finished poly/ cotton quilt, needle, and easy instructions. As with all kits at this kit is new and has never been opened and is shipped in air bubble mailer.

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