Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cross Stitch Design Leopard Cub and Happy 85th Birthday Shirley Temple

Cross Stitch Design
Leopard Cub
Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. Today we thought we would have a cute and precious theme. We think it is appropriate because today is Shirley Temple's 85th birthday. If anybody was ever considered cute and precious it was Shirley Temple. At the age of 3 she broke into show business. Two years later she was an international superstar after making the movie "Bright Eyes". That is correct an international superstar at the age of 5. The movie "Bright Eyes" also produced Shirley Temple's signature song the "The Good Ship Lollypop". Before the age of 12 Shirley had made over 40 movies, most of them she played cute, adorable, and precious. Her star power fell as she reached her mid to late teens and she basically left the film industry then. What a star she was though, between 1934-1938 she was the top box office draw. The American Film Institute has Shirley Temple ranked as the18th greatest female American Screen Legends of all time. If you haven't seen any of Shirley Temple's movies you should take a look, and we are sure you will enjoy them and find them very cute and very precious. Happy Birthday Shirley.

The question that has us pondering is what item should we feature that features the best of Shirley Temple. With that question out there we turn to the guru of answers and that being the digital vaults at abullun for that answer. That answer was the Cross Stitch Design Leopard Cub. We know what you are thinking, "How can a leopard have anything to do with Shirley Temple?" We don't have to turn back to the digital vaults at abullrun for that answer, we know it. First, look at that cub, isn't that cub very cute and and looking very precious. Second, the movie "Bright Eyes" made Shirley Temple an international superstar. Now look at those cub's eyes, one would have to say bright eyes. So as you can see this is a perfect answer.

To celebrate the 85th birthday of Shirley Temple, the featured item of the day is the Cross Stitch Design Leopard Cub. Who knew that the leopards produced such cute kids. Bet they have lots of pictures of this cub. Have this cross stitch design come alive in your house. Every time you look at this precious design it is sure to put a smile on your face, and we all could use a smile. The finished size of this cute cross stitch design is 5" x 7" (12 x 17 cm).

The Cross Stitch Design Leopard Cub is from Dimensions Gold Collection Petites and is designed by Collin Bogle. The kit includes presorted cotton thread, 18 count ivory cotton Aida, needle, and easy instructions.  As with all kits at www.abullrun.com this kit is new and has never been opened and is shipped in air bubble mailer.

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