Monday, April 29, 2013

Cross Stitch Design Musical Roses and Happy 10th Anniversary iTunes

Cross Stitch Design
Musical Roses
Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. There has been a lot of great moments in music throughout time. Way to many moments to explain in this blog post. The one we do want to talk about is the launching of iTunes. There is no doubt this change the way we produce and purchase music today. Apple's iTunes store opened on April 28, 2003. The iTunes music store started with 200,000 songs at 99 cents a song. Very revolutionary 10 years ago. You could play back your songs on any iPod and up to 3 Mac computers. If you were using Windows, well you were out of luck. Today, just 10 years later it is the biggest music vendor in the world and its musical library has over 28 million songs, and there is many ways you can listen to your music, even if you use Windows. We want to wish the iTunes store a Happy 10th Anniversary.

We pondered what to get a music store with over 28 million songs in its musical library for its 10th anniversary. We thought the best way to find this answer was to ask our good friends over at the digital vaults at abullrun. They to pondered this question (this seems to be a good question to ponder). Their answer was the whimsical Cross Stitch Design Musical Roses. After taking another look at this cross stitch design we have to concur. Obviously we like the musical instruments in the design but the roses are the key. There is no doubt the iTunes store turned up all roses in the last 10 years. 

With the iTunes store turning 10 years old yesterday, the featured item of the day has to be the Cross Stitch Design Musical Roses. This cross stitch design conjures up more than a whimsical gift idea but a time where music and flowers came together.  Possibly memories from a past romance or maybe a future romance. How can you go wrong with this cross stitch design? By the way the digital vaults at abullrun have informed us that there is a very limited supply of this kit. The finished size of this fun romantic cross stitch design is 7.5" x 8.69" (19.05 x 22.07 cm).

The Cross Stitch Design Musical Roses is from Janlynn and is designed by Ellyna Berglund. The kit includes 14-count cotton Aida fabric, 6-strand carded 100% cotton floss, needle, graph, and instructions.  As with all kits at this kit is new and has never been opened and is shipped in air bubble mailer.

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