Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cross Stitch Design Pleasures Of Winter and One Moment It Is Summer The Next Moment It is Winter. UPDATE: May 1 photo added

Cross Stitch Design Pleasures of Winter
Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. Today is the last day of April 2013. Spring has sprung, we are very close to summer time and beach time. Since we live in Colorado Springs, we are kind of land locked so no beach for us. We do have great summers here but just no beach time. With all that said, we would like to share with you some springtime in the Rockies. Today is a great day to exhibit what it is like to live in Colorado Springs durning the springtime. The forecast for today calls for high temperature of 80 degrees. If there was a beach to be at in Colorado Springs you would be there today. It is a perfect summer day. However the forecast for tonight is for a few rain showers this evening mixing with snow showers overnight with a low temperature of 25 degrees. You know that beach we would be at today, it would be great place to ice skate tomorrow. It is a perfect winter day. That is why they say Colorado is the place you can use your heater and air conditioner in the same day and sometimes in the same hour.

The question on the table is how best to enjoy a day where at one moment it is summer and the next moment it is winter? What a dilama, what shall we do? To find out that all important answer we turn to the one source that could give us that answer. If you read this blog on a regular bases you know who we are going to turn to for this all important answer and of course it is the digital vaults at abullrun. They said to hold on for one more winter moment with the Cross Stitch Design Pleasures of Winter. Although we are excited that summer is right at the door stop, one last day of winter will be a pleasure. 

On the last day of April 2013 the featured item of the day is the Cross Stitch Design Pleasures of Winter. Why have your convertible top down with a surf board in the back seat when you can take a sleigh ride across town. Why head to the beach to catch a wave or get a tan, when you can have some real fun by doing some ice skating or maybe some ice fishing if that is your thing. The finished size of this pleasurable cross stitch winter scene is 16" x 10" (41 x 25 cm).

The Cross Stitch Design Pleasures Of Winter is from Dimensions Gold Collection and is designed by Terry Redlin. The kit includes cotton thread, 18-count white Aida, metallic thread, color-coded thread sorter, needle, and easy instructions, with a fabric size 20" x 114" (51 x 36 ).  As with all kits at www.abullrun.com this kit is new and has never been opened and is shipped in air bubble mailer.

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Update: Yes Sir it is spring time in the Rockies. Take a look at this picture below. We think it captures the moment. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and the lawn chair was out and today snow. It surely is the "Pleasures of Winter".

After 80 degrees on April 30, 2013 snow on May 1, 2013

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