Monday, April 1, 2013

Gingher Designer's Series Emily 5" Knife Edge Sewing Scissors and April Fools Day

Gingher Designer's Series Emily 5"
Knife Edge Scissors
Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. We turn the page on the month of March and with that turn we find ourselves on April 1, 2013. You know what that means, yep it is April Fools day. April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. One of our all time favorite April Fools day joke occurred in 1985 in an issue of Sports Illustrated. Writer George Plimpton wrote that the N.Y. Mets had signed a pitcher named Sidd Finch. Finch could throw a baseball 168 mph (most pitchers back then barely through 90 mph) with pinpoint accuracy, and without needing to warm up. This joke was so good it had two opposing general managers call Major League Baseball and asked how could their batters face Finch safely. Another great April Fools day occurred in 1996. Taco Bell took out a full-page advertisement in seven leading U.S. newspapers announcing that they had purchased the Liberty Bell to "reduce the country's debt" and renamed it the "Taco Liberty Bell". Boy was there outrage in that story for a while. The White House liked the joke so much they came out and said that the federal government was also "selling the Lincoln Memorial to Ford Motor Co. and renaming it the Lincoln-Mercury Memorial."

So with that backdrop the question that needs to be answered is what are some foolish things we might be doing? To find that answer we turn to the digital vaults at abullrun. Their answer was working on cross stitch, needlecraft, and sewing projects with the wrong scissors. That is not a smart thing to do. We went back to the digital vaults at abullrun and asked them how we could not be foolish. Not sure we we would get an answer since this was the first time we asked the digital vaults at abullrun a follow up question. The digital vaults at abullrun did not mind and came back with answer the Gingher Designer's Series Emily 5" Knife Edge Scissors. Of course using these Gingher scissors make all the difference when working your cross stitch, needlecraft, and sewing projects.

The Gingher Emily scissors are perfect for cutting threads. The knife edge is great for its versatility. These scissors are great for working on a quilt, working with threads for sewing, or working on needlecraft projectsWhat is also great about these scissors is that they are also a collectors item. The Gingher Emily scissors are from Gingher's Designers Series. The Designers Series has a proprietary ornamentation process used in producing these scissors gives every pair a unique design, making each an original. The Emily scissors have been produced as a limited edition. The Emily Designer's Series items include a fitted leather sheath.

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