Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cross Stitch Design My Day Off Boy We Need It

Cross Stitch Design My Day Off
Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. Wow! Did the summer go by fast or what? We know technically the fall does not start till September 22, 2013, but after Labor Day we are in the fall mood. All the summer vacations are done. Hope you had a good summer vacation. We bet planning that vacation took some work to do. How about the summer vacation itself, sometimes you need a vacation from the vacation. All the kids are back in school now. Whew how about all that back to school shopping. Bet you are glad that is done. Exhausting! Now you are back to work, trying to catch back up from the summer vacation or just the long weekend. Working on all those projects trying to get them done before the winter. Guess what it is only Wednesday.

So that leads us to a very important question. That question is what is the remedy for all this work? For that very important answer to that very import question we turn to our faithful friend the digital vaults at abullrun for that very important answer. Do you think our faithful friend would let us down, of course not. The digital vaults at abullrun recommends the Cross Stitch Design My Day Off. We like it and we think you will to. Who doesn't need a day off after all that we have encountered. 

Should we make this day a national day off? We think not. It sounds like to much work. The best way is just to a feature an item of the day. What a perfect item to feature on a day like this, than the Cross Stitch Design My Day Off. There is no better way to relax than with a nice warm bath. You know what can make this even more relaxing? How about a sip of some fine wine to go with that rich chocolate cake. To top off this most relaxing day is with some music from your favorite songs being played on an old victrola with an awesome view of the beach. Now we are talking a very relaxing day off. Take it you have earned it. The finished size of this soothing design is 12" x 12" (30.48 x 30.48 cm).

The Cross Stitch Kit My Day Off is from Design Works. The kit includes #14 Aida cloth, embroidery floss, needle, and instructions.  As with all kits at this kit is new and has never been opened and is shipped in air bubble mailer.

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