Monday, September 23, 2013

PDF Cross Stitch Design Nativity Picture A New Beginning

PDF Cross Stitch Design
Nativity Picture
Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. We hope you noticed the new design of the blog. It is a little more colorful. We hope you like it. We also hope that you noticed at we have some great new cross stitch designs from Kooler Design Studios. In our opinion one the best designers of cross stitch anywhere in the world. You might want to take a look over at the New Item category. Right now we have some great Christmas stocking designs. We know you are going to like it. We know that you are also asking yourself could there being anything else new over at We can answer that question with a big fat yes there is. These new cross stitch designs are now available in a PDF downloadable format.

So the question that we are sure that you want answered is why is a PDF downloadable cross stitch chart good for you. For that answer to that very important question we turn to the place that has that answer, the digital vaults at The first thing is that you can start the project almost immediately after purchasing the pattern. Once you verify your purchase which takes less than 2 minutes you can download the chart and start working on a beautiful cross stitch project at once. There is no driving to a shop or waiting in line to purchase or waiting for the mail man. Once you download the chart you are ready to begin. The second reason is that there are no shipping charges. Who doesn't like that? The third reason is with your PDF reader you will be able to zoom in on the pattern (this really helps when our eyes get a little weaker) for easy reading on those tough to see symbols. It is just a new beginning on how to work a cross stitch project.

So with a new beginning on abullrun's blog design and a new beginning on great cross stitch designs from Kooler Design Studios, and a new beginning on working a cross stitch project with a PDF downloadable design it is only fitting that the feature item of the day must be a new beginning. The best new beginning that we could come up with is the best new beginning of all time. The feature item of the day is the Cross Stitch Design Nativity Picture. The story of Christ birth is depicted in striking detail. The unique versatility of this design is that it is suitable for those who wish to needlepoint or cross-stitch. 

The Cross Stitch Design Nativity Picture is from Kooler Design Studios. The specs of this great design is that the stitch count is 216w x 112h, worked on a white 14 count Aida fabric with a finished size of 15 1/2" x 8" (39.37 x 20.32 cm). 

To start immediately and with no shipping charges you can purchase the Cross Stitch Nativity Picture Chart as a PDF Chart Download or you can purchase the Cross Stitch Nativity Picture Chart as a traditional printed chart

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