Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kreinik Metallic Thread Very Fine # 4 Red and We Say Goodbye To A Great Novelist Tom Clancy

Kreinik Metallic Thread
Very Fine #4 Red
Posted by Drew Zeitlin:

Hello everybody. We found out today that the great novelist Tom Clancy passed away. Tom Clancy was only 66. He was best known for his great books that were technically detailed in espionage and military science story lines. He was good. How good you ask? Seventeen of his novels were best-sellers, with over 100 million copies in print. Clancy's first book was written in 1985 and titled The Hunt for Red October. The Novels The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears were turned into major movies starring the likes of Alec Baldwin, some guy named Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck. What is not well known but he should be remembered as well for, he was a part owner of the Baltimore Orioles. That is one good baseball team. 

So the question that must be asked is how to pay tribute to this great novelist and part owner of the great baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles? With an important question like that, we thought it best to get input from the digital vaults at abullrun. The output we got from the digital vaults at abullrun was Kreinik Metallic Thread Very Fine #4 Red. It is October and Tom Clancy's first book was The Hunt For Red October. It was also the first movie based on one of his books. The movie was a big hit in 1990. It starred Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan and Sean Connery as Captain Marco Ramius. The movie was one of the top grossing films for 1990 with a gross of over $200 million world wide. abullrun helped with that total by watching this great movie the first week it came out. Most likely you too have seen this movie either at the box office, DVD, or on TV.

So without any hesitation the featured item of the day is the Kreinik Metallic Thread Very Fine #4 Red. These vibrant shades will fill you with passion and keep you smiling. We are not sure that it will allow you to steal a Russian submarine and defect to the United States while being chased by the Russian navy. We are for sure that it will add a sparkle and fun to your project. Let's face it Kreinik threads always makes your projects a little more special.

This Red Color Stash includes the following 20 colors on 5M reels: 003, 003HL, 003V, 007, 007HL, 024, 024HL, 031, 042, 055F, 061, 080HL, 092, 095, 153V, 192, 308, 326, 421, 3237. As with all items at these threads are new and has never been opened and are shipped in air bubble mailer.

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